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Bubbler Cleaning Brush

Bubbler Cleaning Brush

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  • Color: pink
  • Material: silicone
  • Shape: octopus
  • Size Approximately: 5.5cm * 5.2cm * 4.2cm
  • Usage : twice daily
  • Applicable people: all people


  • Exfoliates, cleans and shrinks pores
  • Reduces skin oil, dead skin, acne
  • The effect is very soft, use it twice daily Silicone material, long service life Cute little Octopus shape
  • easy to hold It not only cleans your face, but also massages your face

How to use

STEP 1 : Soak facial brush with water, on the sponge squeeze in a proper amount of facial cleanser.

STEP 2 : Knead up. down, left and right, and make foam.

STEP 3 : Clean the lace with a fine Bruch head,

Bruch head thick massage face.

STEP 4 : Separate sponge from facial brush afteruse

Come out clean and dry.



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